Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fates Forever

Last year I joined a startup headed up by Jason Citron (founder of OpenFeint) to begin work on a new title for IOS. I had a very rewarding 4 year run with id software, but I had always been fascinated by the indie game industry and the potential with this new opportunity was something I couldn't pass up.

This image represents the first glimpse of the characters/world I've been designing and there will be much more to share as we near our launch later this year.

Please feel free to visit our game's site to see a current screenshot from the game and sign-up to receive word when we launch.

Our game's site can be found here:

In my process images you'll find the initial value study and the two images I was looking to extract from this single piece. It was an interesting puzzle to create one image that could function as three depending on what our marketing needs were (logo designed by Michael Heald).

Hope you enjoy and please stay tuned for more updates from 'Fates Forever'